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Elizabeth Colen

Certified Professional Life Coach
Specializing in Corporate Wellness
(704) 980-0250

Focus + Intention = Transformation


Elizabeth Colen

Ms. FitOne Lifestyles®

Elizabeth Colen is a Health Strategist who helps executive women transition from stifled, overwhelmed, and overstressed to living their fullest, richest and healthiest life. Through Focus, Intention and Transformation, Elizabeth works with you to become "F.I.T." and gain the confidence, energy and clarity you need to become the best version of yourself. Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Life Coac, specializing in Corporate Wellness. She is also an honor graduate from Ashworth College in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science. Elizabeth has a deep understanding of weight and health issues because of her own weight loss story of losing over 115 pounds, which she has maintained for more than 10 years. Fitness was the catalyst that sprung Elizabeth to walk in her purpose. She now lives life fully and that’s what she wants for you. Elizabeth is in the business of transforming lives, and as a Health Strategist, she customizes her integrated 5 Pillar Transformation Program to assist you in living a more focused, intentional way that will truly transform your life so you can show up in the world as the person you are destined to be. Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than physical. It’s about being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Your well-being is a lifestyle not a fad, and Elizabeth is the one to guide you on this journey.
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