Ms. FitOne Lifestyles PODCAST

Ms. FitOne Lifestyles is a 30-minute radio show where Elizabeth Colen will showcase guests who are embracing a  FitOne Lifestyle to inspire and help you know the power of being a Ms. FitOne yourself!

Elizabeth Colen is a Health Strategist who helps people create radical breakthroughs in their health and wellness. She is a Certified Life Coach and an Honor Graduate from Ashworth College in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science.  Elizabeth has a deeper understanding of weight issues because of her own weight-loss story of losing over 115 pounds, going from a size 24 to a size 00. She has maintained that weight loss for more than 10 years.

Elizabeth is in the business of transforming lives. Her goal is to make every woman FIT … Focus + Intentional = Transformation.

Every episode, Elizabeth and a special guest will be dedicated to awaken the FitOne inside you.  Get your questions answered about living a realistic healthy lifestyle in this day and age without any fads or gimmicks. She will help you realize that it’s not just the food you eat or the exercise you do, but that your mindset is extremely important.  When you change the way you think, you can change your world.

Tune in every week and connect with Ms,.FitOne Lifestyles! She will expand your possibilities and inspire you into Ms. FitOne action! You will learn how to shine in your everyday life in everything you do and how to make healthy habits that will transform every aspect of your life.

Join Ms. FitOne Lifestyles weekly and be inspired! Call Elizabeth and get FIT once and for all!



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