Tug Your Ear and Party On!

Let me paint the scene, your girlfriends are ready to party, you got your hair and nails done and got a fancy new dress, the right shoes and your makeup is pure perfection.   Hey fellas, I see you looking sharp, fresh new haircut, nice shave and the suit is sharp.  This is the time of year we put our best foot forward, so we can meet with our friends and co-workers to party.  After you walk into the event you scan the room, speak to people and then you see what you’ve been looking for, the food table.  You politely excuse yourself and make your way to the table to really get the party started.

What is it that you seek out on the food table? You spot that special food that draws you in and makes your hand reach out and snag it.  As soon as your fingers touch that item your whole body smiles.  Now that your whole body is smiling, I want you to think of the veggie tray.  Are you still smiling?  I am, because that is where my whole body will continue to smile long after the event.  Let me explain.

Yes, cookies, cake, fried chicken wings …. whatever it is, I know it’s good.  Go for it, grab it consume it, enjoy it then move on.  

However, if you find your way back over to the table, I offer you this.  When you are eyeing those goodies and start that reach, I present this to you.  When you reach for that goodie take a deep breath and reach up and tug your ear, release your ear and exhale.  

That’s a physical thing you can do that no one else will notice and it will shift your energy and give you control back.  Slide in front of that ignored veggie tray and grab away.

The veggies are great to chump on while socializing.  It’s a festive mood, everyone is drinking, eating and being merry and I encourage you to do the same.  The fun comes from the fellowship not the food.  Veggies trays save lives, your mouth will be chewing, just like everyone else’s and your mouth will be just as happy as you.

Enjoy the fellowship, the music, the ambiance, celebrate with the people you love or love to hate, remember you are a person to love, don’t forget to love yourself, enjoy the party and just tug on your ear.