Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program

Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program

Boost your stamina and staying power within your organization!

Does your staff experience:

  • Mental and physical exhaustion?
  • Mental distance from the job?
  • Cynicism about the job?
  • Reduced efficacy in the workplace?

Mindset & Outcomes

Thriving: Growth, Adaptability

Thriving vs. Managing

Resource Management Skills

Realistic Boundaries

Identify & Implement Strategies

About Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program

Don’t Worry. We can help!

This program will encourage participants to focus on personal development by intentionally using proven tools, tips, and strategies that will enhance their ability to gain more energy, clarity, and a better quality of life.
Our sessions will give participants a safe space to examine, discuss, and reflect on their ability to adjust, adapt, and implement resources that can give them the ability to succeed in the workspace.

What to Expect from the Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program

The Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program consists of practical sessions focusing on tangible results to revitalize employees and your organization. Use proven tools, tips and strategies to enhance the ability to gain more energy, clarity and a better quality of life.

This corporate focused, multi-session program takes place virtually and in a group setting. Session learning aids will be provided electronically, with printing provided by the client. Dates and times to be finalized according to mutual availability.

Through the Thrive: Corporate Resiliency Program you will receive the effects of over 16 years of experience in transformation and Life Coaching. Schedule a free discovery call to elevate your employees and avoid overwhelmed, over stressed and burnt-out teams.

Why Choose Ms. Fit One Lifestyles

Elizabeth Colen has been working in the wellness field for over 16 years and is known for transforming her clients’ overall well-being into a positive space. Weighing in at over 250 pounds, she was the poster child for being over stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

Elizabeth is now showing others how to navigate stress so they do not have to fall into the same danger zones. She regularly provides successful training to professionals with highly demanding careers, fast-changing work places, and challenging life circumstances.