It is time for me to step up to the sink and take washing my face to the next level! In my search I found the Face Perfecting Polisher. The Face Effects by Spa Sonic is just what I needed. It is so simple to use, which is ideal for me; because if anything is too difficult or takes too much time, I am out! I really do need my skin care to be simple and effective. Face Effects is waterproof and comes with 3 different attachments, facial brush, pore minimizer and facial sponge. Let me break down how simple each attachment is to utilize.

Facial Brush:
It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. 1st Apply your favorite cleanser to your face or the brush. 2. Wet the brush, turn on the device. 3. Now all you have to do is just move the brush around your face in circular motion. It just glides over your skin like magic, the soft bristles feels amazing as it gets into all the grooves and contours of your face.

Pore Minimizer:
I can admit it, I have pore problem, so I was looking forward to putting this particular attachment to the test. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. This attachment has short beaded silicone surface that really clean and tighten those pores. It also works great for removing any blackheads or impurities. When you are done with this your face is all tingly, it really gets that facial blood circulating.

Facial Sponge:
Now ladies this sponge is great for improving your skin’s elasticity. This is the attachment that helps prevent and erase those fine lines and dark spots. When you are done with this your skin feels so smooth and soft.

With Face Effects you have everything you need for that facial spa treatment at home. Having beautiful, glowing, healthy skin is not only for the rich and famous.

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Now we too, can have that beautiful skin without leaving our home and spending a fortune. Get yours today