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Points on Finding Your Purpose

By Elizabeth Colen

SHEEN Magazine is The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the modern day woman and a preeminent voice within the beauty industry.

New year’s resolutions are in full effect.  When you are making those resolutions make sure you start with your why.  Studies have shown that you stay more committed when you truly know the reasoning behind your why… Continue Reading

Shape Your Body for the Dress You Want

By Elizabeth Colen

Don’t sweat the small stuff, get the outfit you want and
the shapewear that works best with it. No one has to know, it’s our secret!

Tis’ the season to shine. The holidays are quickly approaching, and we are ready to get our party on! While the pandemic held us back from the gym, the holiday attire doesn’t care about the COVID 15 pounds we packed on…Continue Reading

We Are Better Together

By Elizabeth Colen

We’re all still stuck in the house. How is everybody holding up? I want to start by saying I am proud of you for staying at home and saving lives.  To the essential workers, I send you a great big thank you for keeping the cities moving forward…Continue Reading

3 Keys To Transforming Your Mind Body and Spirit with Elizabeth Colen

By Courageous Woman

The Inspirational Magazine that Highlights Extraordinary Women

According to a post on Mind, Body, Spirit means that our well-being comes from not just physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health as well…Continue Reading


Elizabeth Colen

Interview with Elizabeth Colen

By Stimulus Summit

Elizabeth Colen is the founder and CEO of Ms. FitOne Lifestyles®. As a Health Strategist, she combines her expertise as a Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer to help clients embrace an everyday mindset of total health and wellbeing. Her brand Ms. FitOne has elevated her status to a national Fitness Expert and TV Personality and Host…Continue Here

Day 12: “I Can’t Wish for the Life I Want, I Have to Work for the Life I Wish!”

By Sheen Magazine

Talent, advice, quote, and exercise…Read More

Bring Back the Normal

By Elizabeth Colen

I don’t know about you, but this is crazy times to me. I am a person who needs structure to thrive. I should have gone into the military (but I don’t like people telling me what to do) so I create my own schedule. In this time of uncertainty, it has me all thrown off…Continue Reading

How to Start Healthy Eating Habits – Featuring Ms.FitOne


Hey SG! Capt SistaGurl has been receiving a lot of inbox questions and we had to grab some answers from some of the experts. Meet Elizabeth Colen, Wellness Expert, Super Mom, Baddie, and Journalist extraordinaire…Read More 

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

By Elizabeth Colen

As you know, I am always talking about how important it is to move your body and it is important to do so, but it is also just as important to rest your body.  I’m not just talking about rest days from working out but getting enough sleep at night is essential to your health…Continue Reading

Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Pandemic – Coronavirus?

By Elizabeth Colen

Raise your hand if you are. Well, the Coronavirus has killed close to 4,300 people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization and the news makes it seems as though the town folks are scared and they are running to the store stocking up on…Continue Reading

Intentional Transformation

By Sonja L. Roberts

Ms. Fit One Lifestyles Owner, Elizabeth Colen helps you with your lifestyle journey.

After living out a true movie during this COVID-19 worldwide shutdown, we are all wondering how to adjust to our new normal and get back on track. Person Health Strategist, Elizabeth Cole and owner of Ms. Fit One Lifestyles decided to make a change in her life for the better…Continue Reading

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Elizabeth Colen Health Strategist

Elizabeth Colen Talks About her Journey of Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Elizabeth Colen discuss the following:

  • How much have you lost?
  • What made you want to lose weight?
  • How did you lose the weight?
  • Did you get support from your friends and family?
  • How do you maintain your weight loss?
  •  How are you helping others to loose weight and stay healthy?

Listen Here

Health Coach

Move Podcast Magazine for Women

Entertainment/What’s Poppin with Deja Perez, Health and Wellness with Elizabeth Colen, Motivation with Jantie Mitchell, Politics with Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III, Women’s Empowerment with Jada Davis and Camille Davis Holmes. This week’s Woman to Follow is Dawn Harper-Nelson.

Listen Here

Afternoon Tea with Elizabeth Colen

“I can feel this in my soul because I have been here before.”

Elizabeth Colon’s story is about so much more than weight loss. It’s about getting fit. And, in her eyes, fit stands for: Focused. Internal.Transfiguration. Now she’s committed to helping other women achieve the same success she has known.

Most women are overwhelmed. “They are running companies, they are running their kid’s life, their soccer family, the PTA and are forgetting about the most important part, themselves.”

Listen Here

Health & Fitness: Whose Standards Are They, Anyway?

In this episode, I chat to Elizabeth Colen, a Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach and Health Strategist who founded Ms. FitOne Lifestyles®. We discuss the health & fitness standards that are continuously being peddled to us…

Listen Here 

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