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Elizabeth Colen Places 2nd Among Top 10 Fitness & Health Leaders

Apple News

Apple News Top 10 in Leaders in the Fitness and Health Industry

Elizabeth Colen, CEO of Ms. FitOne Lifestyles and #2 on our list, is discovering that getting wellness right could be the key to weight loss and better health.

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Self-Responsibility is a Self-Game

By Elizabeth Colen

Self-Responsibility is a Self-Game. Sheen Magazine Article written by Elizabeth Colen AKA Ms. Fit One. Image of a woman wearing matching colorful dress and earrings, standing outside with her arms wrapped around herself. Her eyes are closed and she looks calm and serene.

Turn on your senses and explore the world with more mindfulness. Find out ways to live with more self-responsibility and love your uniqueness.

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Call Me Luxurious Black Girl

By Elizabeth Colen

Iyana Halley is spilling all about her life of luxury, from acting alongside Idris Elba in “Beast” to her skincare and work out motivation!

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Confidence Looks Good On You

By Elizabeth Colen

Victoria Richards shares phenomenal tips to overall wellness and talks about her breakout role in Rap Sh!t!

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Inspiring Conversations with Elizabeth Colen

Interview by VoyageATL

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?

No, it hasn’t been a smooth road, but anything worth having is worth working for. Some of the setbacks in my business is that so many people want a magic workout, a magic meal plan or even a magic pill, something that they really don’t have to change that much for… Continue Reading

Elizabeth Colen Listed as a Top 10 Health & Sports Leader

LA Weekly

Ms. FitOne LA Weekly Feature. Image of Elizabeth Colen on a smart tablet with an LA Weekly news headline reading, "Top 10 Health and Sports Industry Leaders Elizabeth Colen".

Elizabeth Colen, CEO of Ms. FitOne Lifestyles and #9 on our list, has discovered that achieving wellness is crucial for weight loss and overall health. Unlike rigid plans that offer temporary solutions, Elizabeth’s clients come to her for long-lasting wellness and vitality. If a slimmer physique is the outcome, it’s merely an added bonus.

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Elizabeth Colen Featured in KNOW Charlotte Vol.4

KNOW Magazine

Elizabeth Colen KNOW Book Feature

She’s in the business of transforming lives by assisting you in living a more focused, intentional way so you can show up in the world as the person you are destined to be!

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Points on Finding Your Purpose

By Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen - Hat

SHEEN Magazine is The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the modern-day woman and a preeminent voice within the beauty industry.

New year’s resolutions are in full effect.  When you are making those resolutions make sure you start with your why.  Studies have shown that you stay more committed when you truly know the reasoning behind your why… Continue Reading

Shape Your Body for the Dress You Want

By Elizabeth Colen


Don’t sweat the small stuff, get the outfit you want and
the shapewear that works best with it. No one has to know, it’s our secret! Continue Reading


We Are Better Together

By Elizabeth Colen

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3 Keys To Transforming Your Mind Body and Spirit with Elizabeth Colen

By Elizabeth Colen

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Elizabeth Colen

Interview with Elizabeth Colen

By Elizabeth Colen

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Day 12: “I can’t wish for the life I want, I have to work for the life I wish!”

By Elizabeth Colen

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Shape Your Body for the Dress You Want

By Elizabeth Colen

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How to Start Healthy Eating Habits – Featuring Ms.FitOne

By Elizabeth Colen

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Do You Get Enough Sleep?

By Elizabeth Colen

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Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Pandemic – Coronavirus?

By Elizabeth Colen

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Intentional Transformation

By Elizabeth Colen

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SHEEN Exclusive

SHEEN Exclusive | Honoring the Iconic Ms. Melba Moore

Ms. Melba Moore, whose career has spanned for nearly 60-years, is giving us Sheeners nuggets that only one of her caliber can testify on. We talk about her courage, prolific achievements, and how she was the first black woman in several arenas. She opens up about her longevity in this industry and she shares with us what she has learned along the way. Sheener’s honor you for Women’s History Month, thank you, Ms. Moore for showing us the way.

SHEEN Exclusive | Sadé Miller Chats New Book, “New Growth”

Sadé Miller, entrepreneur and author, is giving us her all in this SHEEN Exclusive! We are discussing her book New Growth, how she came up with the title, and what compelled her to write it. Sadé opens up about healing from trauma, representation in the wellness field, manifestation, journaling, and showing up and sharing her truth.

SHEEN Correspondent, Elizabeth Colen Sits Down with Hannah Monds

Hannah Monds, an artist representing the south with her diverse sound is truly a Southern Peach. She shares the roots of her musical sound, which I named R & B Attitude. She opens up about her childhood, her family, and how she named her alter ego.

SHEEN Exclusive | Master P Shares Insight on New Film, ‘Never & Again’

SHEEN correspondent, Elizabeth Colen gets an exclusive interview with the legendary, Master P. He shares insight on the new film, “Never & Again,” starring Denise Boutte and Jackie Long, which was a partnership with film director, Lazrael Lison! The mogul also discusses his positive impact on community and entrepreneurship.

Podcast Appearances

Elizabeth Colen Health Strategist

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Elizabeth Colen discuss the following:

  • How much have you lost?
  • What made you want to lose weight?
  • How did you lose the weight?
  • Did you get support from your friends and family?
  • How do you maintain your weight loss?
  •  How are you helping others to loose weight and stay healthy?

I can feel this in my soul because I have been here before.”

Elizabeth Colon’s story is about so much more than weight loss. It’s about getting fit. And, in her eyes, fit stands for: Focused. Internal.Transfiguration. Now she’s committed to helping other women achieve the same success she has known.

Most women are overwhelmed. “They are running companies, they are running their kid’s life, their soccer family, the PTA and are forgetting about the most important part, themselves.”

Health Coach

Entertainment/What’s Poppin with Deja Perez, Health and Wellness with Elizabeth Colen, Motivation with Jantie Mitchell, Politics with Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III, Women’s Empowerment with Jada Davis and Camille Davis Holmes. This week’s Woman to Follow is Dawn Harper-Nelson.

In this episode, I chat to Elizabeth Colen, a Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach and Health Strategist who founded Ms. FitOne Lifestyles®. We discuss the health & fitness standards that are continuously being peddled to us…

Move It Monday - No Weights Exercises. Image of Elizabeth Colen (AKA Ms. FitOne) doing exercises without weights with the hosts of Your Carolina during their Move It Monday segment.

It is Move it Monday and we have Elizabeth Colen with us this morning telling us how to create healthy habits with no-weight exercises.


Morning Show Appearances

Upper Body Workout. Image of Elizabeth Colen doing an upper body workout with the hosts of Your Carolina during Move It Monday.

It is Move It Monday and this morning it is all about the arms with Elizabeth Colen.


At Home Chair Exercise. Image of Elizabeth Colen and the hosts of Your Carolina doing an at home chair exercise during Move It Monday.

At Home Chair Exercise

It’s Move it Monday and this morning we have Elizabeth Colen here with some workouts you can do at home in a chair.


Christmas Workout. Image of Elizabeth Colen doing a Christmas Workout with the hosts of Your Carolina during Move It Monday.

Christmas Workout

It is Move It Monday and today we have Elizabeth Colen with a simple full body workout.


Simple Movements for Your Abs. Image of Elizabeth Colen doing an ab workout with the hosts of Your Carolina during Move It Monday.

Simple Movements for Your Abs

It is Move It Monday and today we have Elizabeth Colen and she has some simple movements to help strengthen your abs.



Move It Monday – Get Into Shape At Home

It’s Move It Monday and this morning Megan talks with Elizabeth Colen about staying fit and she shows you ways you can get into shape at home.


Move It Monday – How To Use Weights At Home

It is Move it Monday and we are talking to Elizabeth Colon about using weights that you can use to move it anywhere and get a full body workout.


It’s a Glam Thing

Elizabeth Colen, Fitness Expert It’s a Glam Thing presents “The Resistance Band workout.” The Resistance Band workout 1st Exercise Hold resistance band taunt shoulder height, arms width apart Open arms as wide as you can Return arms back to starting position (make sure band stays nice and taunt) Recommend 3 sets 10-20 reps 2nd exercise …

Video Workout

One Band Workout At Home

It is Move it Monday and Megan talks to Elizabeth Colen about a one-band workout you can do right at home.

Youtube Appearances

Short with Elizabeth Colen

Ms Fit One Show 1

Ms Fit One Show 2

Ms Fit One Show 3

Ms Fit One Show 4

Ms Fit One Show 5

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