I’m Sick, Do I work out or not?

My mailbox is full of questions on…. “I am sick, can I still work out?” or “I am sick, should I still work out?” or “I am sick, what should I do to work out?” First of all, I want to commend all of you for your dedication to your fitness! So here are a few rules to remember when you are sick.

If you are sick from your neck up, work out.  Chest down and fever, sit down!  So, if you are achy, feeling like you got hit by a Mac truck and feverish your body is fighting an infection and needs it’s rest!!  (Not to mention you are contagious, so rest and let your body recoup).

If you have a headache, cold, runny nose, and that irritating sore throat, suck is up buttercup and get your work out on.  Make sure you wipe down your equipment before and after your workout so you don’t pass on your germs.  An average cold last 7 to 10 days, so you really could get away with just cardio 3 times a week. Keep in mind it really is an old wise tale that you can sweat out a cold. Jump on an elliptical, bike, or even a treadmill – it will keep you moving and keep you “on track” until your cold passes. You can do some resistance training, if you have the energy, but throttle back until your cold passes and then get back to your regular intensity!!!

Bottom line is, yes you can work out if you are sick from the neck up. Do cardio, light weights but most importantly listen to your body, if it needs rest, let it rest!