EP 19: Elizabeth with Emcee N.I.C.ECTR Network

“Turn up for Jesus!” NICE is nice for sure! He is talking about his new gospel station Rhythm & Praise the gospel version of Rhythm & Blues and his Stellar award winning station God’s House of Hip Hop, that you can listen to on Dash radio. He explains how music is just music but what you put on it that’s what it become. NICE recalls the days when he was that world class athlete ands able to eat whatever he wanted, no worries, he still eat his M&M’s just not the whole bag. Find out who was his first manager and how he was paid. We talk about his diagnose of pre diabetes, how he dealt with that and how he lost 100 pounds! He talks about his book and how we have to learn everything, including how to love. This Christian Rapper drops so much knowledge on us and shares how he applies SWOT in his everyday life and how we can too! Stay connected with Emcee NICE on his IG Emceenicela and listen to his stations at Come on y’all lets turn up for Jesus! 20 key words: