EP 121: Sexual HealingCTR Network

A Sexuality & Intimacy specialist and Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss Bedroom Kandi Luxury Intimate Boutique Consultant. Nydia Givens has us clutching our pearls because this spiritual & sexual health healer is coming in hot with pearls of knowledge. We talk about her late night radio show on iheart “The Pearl Clutcher: Late Night Lounge” how it came to be, her mission to aid in normalizing conversations around “taboo” topics such as Sexuality & Spirituality and what it really means to become one. Listen in because this episode will awaken your chakras and send waves through your nervous system. She goes in depth and talks about how women can become clingy, energy exchange, importance of toys and how she takes care of herself. Follow her on IG @bkbc_pearlclutcher go to her website for your tools of pleasure HERE. 20 key words:

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