Foodie or Gym Rat…Which are you?

There are two types of people who live a healthy lifestyle: those who rely on their diet and hardly workout (I call them foodies), or those who rely on exercise and watch what they eat…sometimes (gym rat.) I am truly a person who has to work out, (I guess I’m a gym rat) but I do eat clean and really do pay attention to what I put in my mouth but I must work out! I am so jealous of those skinny ... Read the Post

Behind the Scenes at Studio 10

Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes at Studio 10 of the beautiful Roxanne and Debra demonstrating my Rag/Water Bottle workout. Debra is doing the workout with her heels on that’s how easy it is!Slide to the left!Slide to the back!Add those arms!Video is posting soon! ... Read the Post

Rag/Water bottle workout on Studio 10

Elizabeth Colen with It’s a Glam Thing is a personal trainer and nutritionist who will demonstrate her Rag/Water bottle Workout Full body WorkoutOn Studio 10Watch the segment here: Needed: Rag 2 Water bottles (unopened)1st WorkoutLegs: (Bottom) Stand hip width apart Place rag on the floor Place right foot on the rag and slid leg forward ... Read the Post