It is time for me to step up to the sink and take washing my face to the next level! In my search I found the Face Perfecting Polisher. The Face Effects by Spa Sonic is just what I needed. It is so simple to use, which is ideal for me; because if anything is too difficult or takes too much time, I am out! I really do need my skin care to be simple and effective. Face Effects is waterproof and ... Read the Post

Spring Into Action

Spring more since I’ve moved from California. It’s time to shake off those Winter blues and spring into action. Spring comes with cleaning, washing the windows, the walls, cleaning out closets and putting away all those dreadful winter clothes. Did you know you are burning calories while you are doing those things? You are, if you are doing them with gusto! While washing those windows/walls if ... Read the Post


   I am so excited to talk about this new collection offered by the renowned aromatherapy expert Geraldine Howard. Her products have been featured in the finest spa and high end retail destinations in over 50 countries. She is delighted to share this skincare rage that every woman can afford.   Cleansing & Soothing Milk ... Read the Post