Rag/Water bottle workout on Studio 10

Elizabeth Colen with It’s a Glam Thing is a personal trainer and nutritionist who will demonstrate her Rag/Water bottle Workout Full body Workout On Studio 10 Watch the segment here: Equipment Needed: Rag 2 Water bottles (unopened) 1st Workout Legs: (Bottom) Stand hip width apart Place rag on the floor Place right foot on the rag and slid leg forward ... Read the Post

I’m Sick, Do I work out or not?

My mailbox is full of questions on…. “I am sick, can I still work out?” or “I am sick, should I still work out?” or “I am sick, what should I do to work out?” First of all, I want to commend all of you for your dedication to your fitness! So here are a few rules to remember when you are sick. If you are sick from your neck up, work out.  Chest down and fever, sit down!  So, if you are achy, ... Read the Post