EP 009: : Elizabeth with Jenny PippinCTR Network

Join us as Jenny who is a Green Design and Building consultant talk to us about healthy homes. Yes, I said healthy homes. You will be amazed at how many things go into making your home healthy for you to live there. I know that once I heard from this amazing women, I started side-eyeing my home. Find out if your home is making you sick. You don’t want to miss this episode. Jenny tells ... Read the Post

EP 010: Elizabeth with Amanda HennCTR Network

Tune in to hear everything this incredible woman has to say. Amanda shares how she started in show business, how she will end it and how no-one can take advantage of her! Amanda talks about her country roots, how she stays FIT and her passion for her up coming movie, California Love. Once you hear about this movie you will be compelled to see it. Stay connected with Amanda via instagram at ... Read the Post

EP 011: Elizabeth with Darrin D. HensonCTR Network

WOW! I’ll say it now and you’ll say it later. Darrin D Henson puts it down in this episode! He talks about his books, how he is communicating without sayin a word and how he is giving back. He shares his analogy between freeway and life, followers on IG! He even spills the tea on his partner and people who have inspire him. Of course, he shares how he stays in shape and where he ... Read the Post