EP 006: Elizabeth with Guy TorryCTR Network

Join in and get ready to laugh your face off! Guy is not only funny but has a heart of gold, he is still feeding the homeless during this pandemic. Guy is going to share with us how he is cooking more and learning how to cook from scratch in his Comedy Kitchen. Find out why he kicked Mrs. Butterworth in her ASS! He also shares how he stays fit and why he is going to continue to quarantine even ... Read the Post

EP 007: Elizabeth with Todd White the Founder of Dry Farm Wine,CTR Network

: Tune in to hear Todd, drop knowledge about the wine we drink and why he became the founder of Dry Farm wine, a healthy wine for health conscious people, like us! A healthy wine that we can enjoy without the high calories and guilty feelings. You will be amazed at how the wine we drink are highly processed and filled with poisons. When we know better we do better (especially when it comes to ... Read the Post

EP 008: Elizabeth with Laura MillerCTR Network

Laura is the voice of the voiceless! She is definitely “Becoming”. Find out how she is dealing with home schooling and how she came up with The Sista Girl Blog. You don’t want to miss her talking about why she is so passionate about a complete representation for women of color in any market. She also shares what she does when she is feeling advantageous. Check her out on ... Read the Post