Do You Get Enough Sleep?

As you know, I am always talking about how important it is to move your body and it is important to do so, but it is also just as important to rest your body.  I’m not just talking about rest days from working out but getting enough sleep at night is essential to your health.  Getting sleep sounds like an easy thing to do but for me that is tough and maybe you too.  I generally get ... Read the Post

Intermittent Fasting – Is It Right For You?

Everywhere I go so many people are asking about the newest health trend Intermittent Fasting. They want to know if it’s true. Can you simply not eat and lose weight? Is it right for me? How can I start?Before you decide if this is the diet for you, let me give you a few facts so that you can decide for yourself. I’ll start with the obvious.  Intermittent Fasting is simply an eating ... Read the Post

Tug Your Ear and Party On!

Let me paint the scene, your girlfriends are ready to party, you got your hair and nails done and got a fancy new dress, the right shoes and your makeup is pure perfection.   Hey fellas, I see you looking sharp, fresh new haircut, nice shave and the suit is sharp.  This is the time of year we put our best foot forward, so we can meet with our friends and co-workers to party.  After ... Read the Post