Tug Your Ear and Party On!

Let me paint the scene, your girlfriends are ready to party, you got your hair and nails done and got a fancy new dress, the right shoes and your makeup is pure perfection.   Hey fellas, I see you looking sharp, fresh new haircut, nice shave and the suit is sharp.  This is the time of year we put our best foot forward, so we can meet with our friends and co-workers to party.  After ... Read the Post


AUGUST 8, 2018 DIRTY KETO, HEADLINE NEWS WEEKEND EXPRESS I was watching Headline News Weekend Express with Lynn Smith and she had Dr, Darria Gillespie on that segment  moved me into writing this article. Keto – Oh, now I have your attention.  Just the mere mention of the Keto Diet and people light up.  It is the newest diet fad that is sweeping the nation.  You haven’t heard about it, ... Read the Post


OCTOBER 30, 2017 GIVE ME SOME SUGAR Wait, before you go trick or treating know what that sugar is doing to your body.  Sugar has many harmful affects to the body, we all pretty much have heard that too much sugar is bad for us, right?  Yes, sure we have, we’ve all heard that too much sugar contributes to weight gain and yuck mouth but what is too much sugar?  Too much sugar is more than ... Read the Post