EP 003: Elizabeth with TJ JacksonCTR Network

Join in as TJ shares how he lives FIT. Find out what he is doing during the quarantine, he talks about his first solo project, Obsession, and how he is going to spend Mother’s Day. He will also share the advice he received from his Uncle Michael, his Mother DeeDee and how his legendary Jackson family influence his life! You can stay in the know with TJ by signing up for his newsletter on his ... Read the Post

EP 004: Elizabeth with Kita WilliamsCTR Network

Episode Description: “The best form of yourself is loving HER”. Join us as Kita shares her views on this pandemic as a divine time-out and how we should come out a better version of ourselves. Kita also opens up about her journey to motherhood and how she created the movement Authentically HER. Listen to Kita and “find the HER that lives in her” Check out the website ... Read the Post

EP 005: Elizabeth with Yesenia HernandezCTR Network

Yesenia is what many would call a multipreneur.She began her career as a hairstylist over 19 years ago and transformedher career and is now an author. Listen up and take notes on how shehas a vision book! She lives FIT and is going to share with us some of thetechniques on how she stays Focus, Intentional and how she isTransforming the world! You can learn more about Yesenia and order yourbooks on ... Read the Post