Day 12:“I can’t wish for the life I want, I have to work for the life I wish!”

TALENT Elizabeth Colen ADVICE 2021 is here New Year, Evolved You.  I am a huge fan of working out but Covid 19 has taught me to work out from the inside out.  Each breath we take in a new opportunity at life, so exhale. QUOTE “I can’t wish for the life I want, I have to work for the life I wish!” EXERCISE 4X4X4 Take a nice slow deep ... Read the Post

Intentional Transformation

Ms. Fit One Lifestyles Owner, Elizabeth Colen helps you with your lifestyle journey. After living out a true movie during this COVID-19 worldwide shutdown, we are all wondering how to adjust to our new normal and get back on track. Person Health Strategist, Elizabeth Cole and owner of Ms. Fit One Lifestyles decided to make a change in her life for the better. We sat down with her to see what ... Read the Post

EP 028: The Work!CTR Network

This title winning Queen spills all the tea on setting her eyes on the prize and getting what she works for. She is the host of a radio show on WVON that is so good it doesn’t even need a name. She is an award winning journalist that knows consisten-cy is key. She recalls how she set her mind to winning a pageant as a freshman and put in the work and the crown was placed upon her head. ... Read the Post

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